Top 3 SEO Strategies to Skyrocket Your Rankings

Epic content is the number one SEO strategy

content is king


Because content is king. It doesn’t matter how many backlinks you build to your site, an in-depth article is critical.

For example, let’s say you plug your keyword into google “fitness seo” and see how many backlinks your competitors get to that post.

If you go ahead and create an article targeting the same keyword with even more and better links but your article isn’t as in-depth…

…then you’re going to have a tough time ranking.

Use multimedia


Multimedia is one fantastic way to keep users on your article. If you have really good in-depth infographics, people will stick around to take a look at it.

Videos are another fantastic form of multimedia. People are using video as their main way to consume content over text.

So if you have a great video that goes with the article, upload it! It doesn’t have to be your video, you can use someone else’s video. And the great thing about YouTube is its owned by Google.

So Google could give more weight to ranking your post.

Expired Tumblrs

Using expired Tumblrs may be my favourite link building strategy of all time.


Because they’re easy links to get and they really push your ranking. I would recommend going to a place like Fiverr and ordering some Expired Tumblrs.

You can then start building links to your site. I’ve personally ranked websites just with Tumblrs.

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