How can you Fit in Corner Wardrobe at Limited Space?

Everyone loves large storage spaces in any room of their home. Storage space is an important key factor in every room of your home. As most people say, the bigger the storage space, the better. Because of this preference, most people tend to install bigger wardrobes in their homes. However, not everyone is lucky enough to have that much space in their houses. You may have limited space in their homes. Despite the fact that you have limited space, you can still have the wardrobe of your dreams. You can be able to make the most out of your limited space by fitting in corner wardrobes. Corner wardrobes are the best style of wardrobes for limited space. Even though they are easy to install, most people find it difficult to fit them in limited spaces. Your main aim should be making the most out of your limited space for your corner wardrobe.

Corner Wardrobe

Here are some of the Ways that you could Fit in Corner Wardrobes in Limited Space;

  1. Make the Most out of the Angles in your Room;

When you have limited space in your house or apartment, it is difficult to decide what type of wardrobe to install. Adding on to that, it is advisable that you make sure you utilize all the possible available spaces when installing any type of furniture in your home. For limited spaces, corner wardrobes are the best fit. The corners of your room might have awkward angles. These angles may not seem to be of any importance. On the contrary, angles could actually create more room for your corner wardrobe. You will need to explain to your carpenter that they need to install the shelves of your corner wardrobe to fit the exact space and angles of your room. For triangularly shaped angles, you could have diagonal rails that you could hang items on. This method could really help you have a corner wardrobe that utilizes your limited space well.


  1. Bring your Inner Creativity to Life;

Limited space can make you feel like it is impossible to have the perfect wardrobe. If you would like to install a corner wardrobe in a limited space, you better get creative. Your carpenter might make use of the space well, but your corner wardrobe might just not complement your room the way you would want it to. To begin with, you could have shelves of different shapes and sizes. This would aid in space utilization to the maximum. Adding on to that, you could also throw in layers with different heights. With this, you could hang the longer and shorter items in spaces with more and less height respectively. Creativity is one of the most effective methods that most people put to use in order to make sure that they are able to utilize limited space to the maximum.

Corner wardrobes design

  1. Focus on going Vertically;

Limited spaces can be a hindrance to having a larger and more spacious corner wardrobe. However, you could evade this by making the most of all the vertical space available in your room. It is recommended that you make a point of utilizing all of the available space all the way up to the ceilings. If your ceiling is too high, you could install a rolling ladder that will help you reach the upper shelves. In order for your room to feel big even after the installation of your corner wardrobe, you will need to paint your wardrobe using the same color as that of the walls in your room. In addition to that, you will need to install nice and well-designed lighting fixtures in your wardrobe. This will prevent it from making your room feel dull and boring.


  1. Create More Room with the Illusion of Mirrors;

Considering the fact that you already have limited space, fitting in a corner wardrobe will make your room feel smaller. To avoid this feeling, you will need to place mirrors on the sides and inside your corner closet. You could even replace the doors to your corner wardrobe with sliding mirror doors. This will make your room feel larger despite the fact that it has limited space. This is because the reflection in the mirror gives an illusion of more space. In addition to that, these mirrors will reflect light ensuring that your room is well lit. So why not take advantage of mirrors and use them to improve the aesthetics of your wardrobe and room.

Corner wardrobes


As you try to fit in your corner wardrobe into your limited space, please remember to use the above simple methods. These methods will help you maximize storage space utilization. They will help you get the perfect corner wardrobe. Having these tips at your fingertips will make it easier for you to guide and instruct your carpenter.

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